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Small Backyard Small Pondless Waterfall Installed

This week we feature our 3rd project of 2019, We took out their old leaking koi pond, filled it in with soil and then built a waterfall! It is a small Minneapolis backyard but this feature has a huge impact. A brand new pondless waterfall is a low maintence option that saves our clients time & the headache of an old pond.

The featut is 8-10 ft. long and perfect for any intimate space.  Waterfalls give you a reason to go outside and just sit an enjoy. A patio is great, but without moving water near, you’ll soon find you use the patio less and less. Add life to your landscaping, your patio, your outdoor living space with the sound of running water! Check out the video below to see the impact this waterfall has on our clien’ts small city lot backyard!

-Nick “The Pond King”